A Good Day To Drive

Prepare For Your Next Road Trip

The Open Road is Calling

A road trip can be all that separates you and the experience of a lifetime. Make sure your vehicle is as ready to go as you are. A Trip Inspection at Autoworks is just the assurance and peace of mind you need before your next road trip. Don’t find yourself on the highway wishing you had taken better care of your car. Flat tires can be avoided with routine checks on tire pressure and wheel alignment. Failing to check or change the oil before a road trip can bring the good times to a halt really fast. Little things can add up to a lot of money, and a lot of inconvenience. Prepare yourself to get out and drive.

It’s All Happening

Get out and drive to a local event that’s only a hop, skip, and a drive away. An outdoor game park at http://outdoornebraska.ne.gov/ offers an experiential education and fun for the whole family, including hunting, fishing, boating, and much more. Or you can take the time to explore a part of Lincoln you may have never experienced. The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau http://www.lincoln.org/play/events has plenty of scheduled events throughout the year. Getting outdoors and exploring is a refreshing and relaxing way to spend time with the family. Just make sure it’s the “good kind” of outdoors, not the left stranded on the side of the road kind.