Autoworks is Lincoln’s Premier Auto Repair Shop

Providing Expert Service to All Makes & Models Since 1993

A Team of Master Technicians Stands Ready To Service or Repair Your Vehicle

Welcome home! You’ve reached the homepage of Autoworks, Lincoln’s premier auto repair shop. Your auto’s repair and service needs should always remain in the hands of true professionals, and here we are. A team of Master Techs have all been assembled with you and your vehicle in mind. It is our pleasure to be here for you and your vehicle. But it’s even better to see you both drive away in a better condition than when we found you.

Our expert techs can service all makes and models of cars, SUVs, trucks, and even hybrids. The Autowork tech team’s focus is not just on the current condition or your vehicle, but also on its long life. Routine maintenance and prevention is our priority, and the standard that Autoworks values most. Even with its oil changes, Autoworks includes additional services like topping off all fluids, running safety checks on lights, brakes, belts, hoses, and suspension.

No Matter What Car You Drive, Come See Us First!

It is our mission to keep you and your vehicle safely on the road. Our experts always perform a thorough diagnostic on your car before leaping to expensive and time-wasting conclusions. Experience and an exceptional knowledge base have taught us to rely on more than just machines and tools, but also on a wealth of know-how and training.


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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Autoworks:


Every Autoworks technician is factory trained in GM, Mercedes Benz and Lexus. We are master certified specialists in BMW.

We take exceptional care

We take exceptional care of all makes of cars, trucks, SUV’s and Hybrids. Whatever you drive and take pride in, bring it to Autoworks for oil changes, maintenance or repairs. We pay attention to every little detail and will be sure that your maintenance needs are met.

Expert Diagnostics

Autoworks doesn’t throw parts at problems – we invest in state-of-art equipment to diagnose accurately, repair what’s necessary and replace only the parts needed.

In-depth Training

Every Autoworks Technician receives continuous, in-depth and up to date training throughout the year.

Customer Satisfaction

We never forget that it’s your time and money.

Clean & Modern Shop

We operate in a clean environment. The cleanliness of our service bays and uniforms show that Autoworks is serious about the way we treat your car.

Fair Pricing

You won’t pay more for routine maintenance at Autoworks; you just get more. We make sure we inspect every car for problems even when you just bring it in for an oil change. This allows us to find issues before they become catastrophic.

We Keep You Informed

Communication. We keep you informed during the maintenance and repair process and won’t do any work without your permission.

We Work as a Team

When a tough problem occurs in a vehicle we work as a team to get it solved.

Passion for our work

We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Our Master Technicians Will Work on All Of Your Vehicles: